Insights & perspectives from a state-of-the-art laboratory in genomic testing

June 20, 2024 04:00 PM CET

We are delighted to invite you to this webinar, sponsored by Exact Sciences*, on the diagnostic and prognostic power of genomic testing.

Pathology labs play a pivotal role in supporting interdisciplinary teams with accurate markers for personalized treatment decisions. Staying at the forefront of diagnostic innovation requires significant investing and decisive commitment of both human and material resources to effectively integrate disruptive technologies into lab workflows.

Our experienced team will demonstrate how your lab can benefit from external genomic testing expertise. By harnessing this specialist knowledge, pathologists can advance tailored patient care, optimize patient pathways, reduce healthcare costs, and lead diagnostic innovation.

This event is ideal for anyone interested in exploring genomic testing alternatives and leverage opportunities derived from centralized laboratory expertise.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Explore Molecular testing as an advanced tool to enhance diagnostic and prognostic accuracy, enabling personalized care for early-stage breast cancer.
  • Gain insights into the operational processes and stringent quality standards upheld by centralized laboratories in genomic testing.
  • Discover how expertise in genomic testing will drive future advancements in clinical research and anatomic pathology, particularly in the evolving field of molecular residual disease (MRD) detection.

Rick Baehner, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Precision Oncology, Exact Sciences

Helen Bailey, MD

Senior Director, Clinical Pathology, Exact Sciences

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