Applying to Residency in the United States

July 11, 2024 11:00 AM US/Eastern

The pathology residency application process in the United States is often described as confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating, filled with obstacles and hurdles. This is exacerbated by candidates having so little exposure to the discipline during medical school. 

What’s more, there are very few information resources available and little in the way of advice and mentorship for applicants. 

The good news is that there are people in the pathology world who want to change this situation, and make pathology a more attractive and accessible option for medical students. 

Whether you are considering pathology as a career option, or are involved in pathology education and training, join us in conversation with the people who are making a difference.

Swikrity Baskota, MD

Swikrity Baskota, MD is the founder at MatchtoPath.

She is an assistant professor of cytopathology, breast and thoracic pathology at UC Davis medical center.

Meredith Herman, DO

Meredith Herman, DO is a contributor to MatchtoPath.com

She is a first-year pathology resident at University of Michigan.

She serves as an AD Board member to the Organization of Resident Representatives at the Association of American Medical Colleges and CAP Pathologist Pipeline Champion.

Swati Bhardwaj, MBBS, MD

Swati Bhardwaj, MBBS, MD is a Genitourinary Pathology Fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital and currently serves as the Chair of the CAP Residents Forum and ex-officio member of the CAP Board of Governors.

Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD

Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD serves as the Godfrey D. Stobbe Professor of Pathology Education and a Clinical
Professor of Pathology at Michigan Medicine (University of Michigan).
He is the Assistant Chair for Education and the Director of the Division of Training and Communications in the Department of Pathology.

Jarvis Williams, MD

Jarvis is a former histology technician.

He attended medical school at Tulane University, recently completed a transitional year, and is a first year Pathology resident at Duke University.

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